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Welcome to the application process for students who are interested in writing their bachelor's or master's thesis with the Institute of Marketing at the University of St. Gallen. We offer placements for supervision to suitable candidates showing a good fit with our research philosophy, substantial engagement, and interest in the research topics that we are pursuing. Supervision is available only on a limited basis. 

Before you begin, please make sure that you fulfill the following requirements:

  • Make sure you know and comply with the rules and regulations of the student office with regard to your specific program.
  • Be ready to start working on your thesis (more than 50% share of work time per week) within the next three months.
  • Be willing and actively plan to complete your thesis within 9 months after you've started your work.
  • Theses can be written in English or German depending on mutual agreement with your supervisor.
If you fulfill the above requirements, we invite you to continue with the application process.

Sign-up process:
  1. Fill out this questionnaire.
    This form requires you to write a first draft of your disposition. The next page contains guidance on how to do this. You may want to continue to the next page, print it out and work on your disposition for a couple of days in an external word processing application or even by hand. Once you feel happy with the result, come back and copy / paste the results into the questionnaire. 
  2. Email confirming submission.
    As soon as you submit your data, you will receive a confirmation email.
  3. Evaluation feedback in 7 days.
    Within the next 7 days you will receive feedback regarding of your disposition including a decision on whether we can offer you a thesis placement. Please keep in mind that we cannot accept all applications since we have limited capacities. Even in case of a rejection, you will have a copy of your disposition as well as our feedback that will be helpful when applying to another supervisor.
  4. Should you receive a positive feedback: meeting & completion of your disposition. 
    As a genereal rule, "feedback" means receiving a proposal for a personal appointment with your future supervisor. After your appointment, you will revise your disposition draft and hand it back in with your filled-out and signed sign-up sheet (see student office's web pages) via email to your supervisor. We will print your sign-up sheet, sign on our side, hand it in at the student office and send you a copy of your twice-signed sign-up sheet.
  5. You are signed-up.
Do you already have a topic in mind?
Before you begin to fill out this sign-up form, please let us know if you would like to work on a given subject or if you prefer to work on a self-selected one.